One third

of the food we produce

are wasted.

Wasting food! not just a matter of lost money and unsatisfied customers. It contributes to a global problem with overconsumption. In the process of creating a sustainable society changes has to be done at all points. Deligate is a contributing factor in that process.


Less wastage!
Better routines!

With easy managed tools we help our customers keep track of expiry dates, making sure no food is wasted for nothing. And that’s what matters.
Every morning you receive a list of the products that are in the risk zone of expiring within the nearest days. This way food can be priced down, cooked or given to charity instead of ending up in the trash.

Deligate is today used within over 150 grocery stores and it’s increasing for every day. We hope that soon you’re one of them.

The result of Deligate

up to.. 

less food wastage.

saved working hours / week.

expired products in the store.

Used within



Provides you with an effective routine for date controls and helps you identify the items that are in the risk zone of expiring. Reduce food waste and guarantee your costumers the best quality possible..



Digital journal for the manual deli counter.
Keep track of expiry dates and ensure your costumers fresh food.

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